"Rosemary Connor's watercolors are painted
with a precision that is virtually unrivaled in the medium."
~ Artis Spectrum, Vol. 11, No. 4
Rosemary Connor   
Museums and Collections    
Rosemary Connor's work can be found in museums, as well as public and private collections, around the world.  Following is a selected list of museums, collections which are open to the public, and private collectors:

New Milford Historical Museum, New Milford, Conn.
The White House, Washington, D.C.
New Britain Museum of American Art,
   Permanent Collection of Contemporary Art,
   New Britain, Conn.

Mount St. Mary-on-the-Hudson Museum,
   Newburgh, N.Y.
Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri
Dunnegan Gallery of Art, Permanent Collection,
   Bolivar, Missouri
The Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, Conn.
   Lynchburg, Va.

Public Collections
API Consulting, Inc., New York, N.Y.
Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, N.Y.
DeSantis Realty, Pelham Manor, N.Y.
Ethos Group Inc., Dallas, Tex.
The National Arts Club, New York, N.Y.
Cramer & Anderson Law Firm, New Milford, Conn.
Union Savings Bank,
   New Milford and Danbury, Conn.
Sakai Dental Clinic, Dallas, Tex.
Split Rails is part of the permanent collection in the Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri.
Robert Bloomfield, London, England
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brown, Tortola, Virgin Islands
Bertram Cohen, New York, N.Y.
Dr. Gerald Cohen,
   New York, N.Y., and Pocono Summit, Penn.

Mr. and Mrs. Woldemar Neufeld,
   New Milford, Conn.
Joan Puglia, M.D., New Milford, Conn.
Dr. Marc Rosen and Arlene Dahl,
   New York, N.Y., and Palm Beach, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith, Ridgefield, Conn.
Dr. Joseph Sternberg, Woodbury, Conn.
Shining Sung Collection, New York, N.Y.
William Woods, Catania, Italy