"John and George absolutely loved their house portraits; they couldn't have been more thrilled. John loved the landscape and deer detail, and George was enthralled. Their reactions were priceless."
Rosemary Connor   
House and Business Portraits    
Portraits   are   painted  in   permanent   watercolors  on Arches 100 percent cotton, acid-free paper.

After Rosemary is commissioned to create the house or business portrait, she goes on location to do open-air sketches and watercolor studies, immersing herself in the home or business landscaping. She also photographs details for reference in the studio. The client sees the work in sketch form for approval: any changes are discussed then.

Her portraits can be reproduced for announcements, note or greeting cards, and as stationery or business
cards. The original painting can be framed for your home or office. The portraits also make unique gifts for special occasions. However, these ideas should be addressed before the creative work begins; the angle or view may change depending on your purpose.

When the final portrait is completed, it becomes a prized gift. For instance, the house portraits reproduced above were gifts from parents to their sons.

For more information, call 212.725.1430 or email connor-rosemary@msn.com.