Rosemary Connor   

Rosemary Connor has gained worldwide recognition by virtue of her harmonious paintings that are exhibited in galleries, public institutions and museums. Her works are in the permanent collections of The National Arts Club in New York City, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the New Milford Historical Society, the Springfield Art Museum and the Slater Memorial Museum, among others. Corporate and private collections in the United States, England, Italy, Panama and the Virgin Islands also exhibit her works.


"Cezanne and the entire Impressionist School influenced me," she said. "Italy enchanted me with its magic while I was a student at the Florence Academy of Art. William Merritt Chase, the great American artist, inspired me to accept commissions."


Commissions,  including  house portraits, are rewarding to paint, she says. And, like William Merritt Chase, since 1997, Rosemary has been a member of the National Arts Club in New York City. She has had five solo exhibits there, and in 2009 and 2012 Rosemary was an award winner in its 110th and 113th Artist Members Exhibit.


Born in Connecticut, Rosemary won many awards throughout her formative school years. At the age of seven, Rosemary began her apprenticeship with Woldemar Neufeld, the renowned watercolorist in New York and Connecticut, an association that lasted 11 years, prior to her acceptance at Pratt Institute where Rosemary received a bachelor of fine arts degree and a fellowship grant.


Upon graduation from Pratt, Rosemary worked as an art director at New York advertising agency J. Walter Thompson Co. Yet, painting continued to be a vital part of her life. Solo and group exhibits began in 1966, and continued with shows in Connecticut, New York and Maine.


Rosemary, who works in oil, acrylic and watercolor, is a realist who paints land, sea and cityscapes that convey a calm, relaxed and peaceful view. By studying the great masters, Rosemary developed an approach that became her style: a unique, expressive technique that conveys her personal vision and experience. Her aim is to capture the moment and paint it so that when one looks at the painting one sees her personal vision. "The creation of art is a transcendent, fixating experience, beyond time and space," says Rosemary. For her, self-fulfillment is to be found in creating art.


Her paintings reflect a spontaneous joy of life, prized by collectors for their luminousity, immediacy, power and intensity. They reveal a keen sense of place and a strong sense of composition; her inspiration comes from her surroundings.

The slide show below contains a sampling of paintings featured in several exhibitions at the Thirty Bridge Street Gallery in New Milford, Conn.  For more details, click here.
Day Lilies
Lover's Leap
Tuscan Smoke
Pristine View
Roxbury Radiance
By The Bay
Crimson Autumn

Prices range from $500 to $5,000